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About Neurodiversity Ireland

Welcome to Neurodiversity Ireland. We are a community group made up of neurodivergent parents of neurodivergent children. We originally came together to build a neurodiverse-friendly community in the village of Sandymount, Dublin. As we spread the word about this wonderful place that welcomes different brains and unique thinkers, other communities around Ireland asked if they could join us. The response has been amazing! We are delighted that nationwide, other communities want to celebrate and support neurodivergent kids and their families. Our message is: everyone belongs.

We are passionate about making our communities places where neurodivergent people feel seen, supported and included. We are not ‘experts’, in fact we are continuously learning how we can improve the support we provide to kids and their parents. We are all learning how to do this, together. We want everyone in the community to feel that they have a safe space to talk, ask questions and better understand how we can help one another. 

Our vision

Our vision is an Ireland where Neurodivergent children and their families have the freedom to live the life they choose, fully supported by their community.

Establish Sandymount as our flagship neurodiversity-friendly community, driving education about, understanding and inclusion of neurodivergent individuals and encourage the development of other neurodiversity-friendly communities throughout Ireland, using our blueprint. 

Break stimga by educating our community and society on how everyone can play a part in making Ireland more inclusive.  Ask yourself, do you understand? Are you open to learning about neurodiversity and are you fully inclusive? 

Support neurodivergent children and their families, by working with local communities, schools, and sports clubs to become more inclusive of all brain types. Everyone belongs! 

Establish the Neurodiversity Ireland Sensory centre providing an eclectic range of supports including much needed speech and language & AAC assistance, sensory processing support and occupational therapy for neurodivergent children and support for parents and carers. 

Join our mission. Donate, volunteer, advocate. Get started today.

Want to get involved? Email us anytime:

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