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Support for Schools

Originally, Neurodiversity Sandymount teamed up with local schools to start a conversation with children about how they understand neurodiversity to help break the stigma. 

Now we have expanded our scope to support schools across Ireland that would like to create more understanding around neurodiversity at the crucial grass roots level, with the youngest members of our society. 

“Everyone’s Different” short story competition

Neurodiversity Ireland are asking schools to take part by distributing our “Everyone’s Different” story.  We are encouraging teachers and children to read our story during Neurodiversity Celebration Week and throughout April and to discuss it at home or in class, and then for children of any age to WRITE THEIR OWN friendship story.

We are launching our “Everyone’s Different” short story competition running from 5 March 2024 until 5 May 2024. The winning school with the most entries will win a €500 Amazon voucher, and the winning short story writer will win a €200 Amazon voucher. Any child can submit a story of friendship (in drawing, video, audio, or written form) outlining how their friend helped them to feel understood and how they enjoy each others differences.

We hope this is an easy but meaningful way for children to show their support for and inclusion of neurodivergent children in the school environment and beyond. Helping and supporting neurodivergent children to feel included at school and being supported in the local community will help to change the world around them for the better. It is also very empowering for all children to learn they have the power to be inclusive, and how important it is that everyone is different and unique.

We’d love your local school to spread our story, share yours with info@neurodiversityireland.com to enter our Everyone’s Different short story competition and joining the Neurodiversity Movement!

  • €500 Amazon voucher for the winning school with the most entries
  • €200 Amazon voucher for the winning short story writer
  • Outline how your friend helped you to feel understood and how you enjoy each others differences.
  • Send your story of friendship in drawing, video, audio, or written form by email to info@neurodiversityireland.com 
  • Deadline: 5th May 2024
  • Winner will be announced on 10th May 2024

Partnering with community groups

The second most important way to ensure that neurodivergent children feel included in the community is by creating social and sporting activities “for all” that are designed to be inclusive and accommodating.  

For example, Neurodiversity Sandymount partnered with GAA Clanna Gael Fontenoys, Railway Union RUFC, the FAI and a gymnastics club to create football, rugby and Gaelic sports and gymnastics classes “for all.” Some classes run independently of the club’s main classes, and where suitable, some are within an existing class.

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