Apply for a Neurodiversity Ireland Lanyard

 We provide children and adults in Ireland with a Neurodiversity Ireland Lanyard. This lanyard can be used to help empower Neurodivergent people to request assistance or support in their daily lives.

This lanyard is accepted at a wide range of Irish events and at Irish airports, which can help to make your outings and travels as stress free as possible. Currently our lanyard is widely recognised at many events and in local communities who are creating more inclusive environments for neurodivergent people. If you would like to use our lanyard in your community, you will need a community group to establish a Neurodiversity-friendly initative in your area, to ensure that your local community is aware of what the lanyard and symbol stands for and to ensure that local businesses are committed to making the necessary accommodations. 

Please fill out the form below to request your Neurodiversity Ireland Lanyard and we will revert with next steps.

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