Sensory Centre

A welcoming, neuro-affIrmative environment for children

Welcome to Neurodiversity Ireland’s Sensory Centre – an inclusive, child-led, neuro-affirmative space! In keeping with the mission of Neurodiversity Ireland, The Sensory Centre aims to provide a welcoming environment for children with a wide range of strengths and needs.

At the Sensory Centre, our activities, games, and experiences are designed specifically for neurodivergent minds to encourage exploration, growth, and self-discovery. With a nurturing atmosphere, a safe and accommodating environment, personalised activities and experienced staff, we are committed to providing a unique and rewarding experience for every child.  We want to build our children’s confidence so that they can make genuine connections and participate in life as fully as possible! 

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Occupational Therapist-LED PEER PLAY Groups

These groups are child-led group-based sessions led by an Occupational Therapist.  They are guided by Occupational Therapy universal principles and the understanding of neurodivergent children, their play, interactions and participation needs.

These sessions have an underlying therapeutic approach with understanding access, inclusion, sensory processing differences, and social and learning needs to create an environment which is accessible to neurodivergent children.

Through a combination of play-based activities, sensory integration approach, and specialised exercises, our team will work closely with children to target their specific needs. Sessions will focus on enhancing fine motor skills, sensory processing abilities, social connections and emotional regulation.

In our group sessions, children have the opportunity to interact with peers who share similar experiences and challenges. This fosters a sense of belonging and provides a supportive community where they can build friendships, develop social connections and learn from one another.

The team working with your child will include an occupational therapist, occupational therapy students, nursing students, additional needs assistants and/or teachers. The primary goal of the groups is for the kids to have fun and make some friends!

Different Play Stations:

Provide progress in a number of key skills:

Sensory regulation

Gross & fine motor skills


Emotional regulation

Afternoon Club

The Afternoon Club offers a variety of activities that cater to the diverse needs and interests of neurodivergent children. These activities include:

1. Sensory Play

Engaging sensory activities are incorporated to stimulate and develop sensory processing skills, such as tactile play, visual exploration, and auditory experiences.

2. Arts and Crafts

Creative expression through art projects allows children to explore their imagination and develop fine motor skills. Various mediums are utilized, including painting, drawing, and sculpting.

3. Group Games

Fun and interactive group games promote teamwork, communication, and social connections. These games are adapted to accommodate different abilities and preferences.

4. Free Play

Different play stations include: Inflatable bouncing stations, Ballpit, Balance stations, Messy play stations, Arts and crafts, Zen Den and more!

The primary goal of the groups is for the kids to have fun and make some friends! Encouraging a mixture of movement and static 1:1 and group activities should provide progress in a number of key skills including: Sensory regulation, Gross and fine motor skills, Balance, Hand-eye co-ordination, Communication, Social connections and Emotional regulation.

Coming soon: Art class, Gymnastics, Bar Monkey. Stay connected via social media to get the most up to date information on our services!

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