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I believe my child may be neurodivergent – what do I do?

This can be a worrying time for parents and it is unfortunately the health and education systems in Ireland at the moment are complex and daunting. There are many layers which do not necessarily work together in a coherent way.  We have found strength from speaking to other parents who have travelled this road already. There is an amazing level of support from other parents and carers who will likely have experience of issues that your family are facing, so please reach out.  We recommend parents and carers join our parent/carer support Whatsapp to find encouragement from other parents and carers and to learn about providers who offer a neuroaffirmative approach. 

Please contact us at info@neurodiversityireland.com to be added to our whatsapp support group. 

Webinars – keep an eye on our  twitter & instagram for our upcoming webinars on particular issues around neurodiversity and check out our library page for some free resources.  

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