Past events

Apr 2 – May 30

Neurodiversity Ireland Art Competition – Running from 2nd April to 30th May 2023

Neurodiversity Ireland wants to celebrate different brains and unique thinkers for Autism acceptance month on 2nd April through a range of inclusive programs and we need your support! We created a children’s story “let’s be kind” to help parents & educators have open conversations with children, so they too can understand how to foster an inclusive environment.

Mar 28

Dr. Hannah Louise Belcher: Taking Off The Mask – Camouflaging Autism in Teens and Tweens

Dr. Hanna Belcher, author and Autistic researcher Autism, and Neurodiversity Ireland’s Nessa Hill come together to chat about Hannah’s research on managing masking autistic traits to fit in. Hannah offers a guide, both personal and professional, as to why autistic people mask, why it’s damaging and how we can all support autistic people to reduce masking.

Mar 22

Claire O’Neill, Deputy Principal, SENCO, trainer at the Thriving Autistic: What Can We Do?

Claire offers insights into how best to support neurodivergent children in education through empowerment and inclusion. She offers tips for educators on how to ensure the autistic child has a ‘voice’ to give them every opportunity to meet their potential. Parents and teachers want to know what to support children In this webinar Claire is going to share some ideas with us!


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